After-Sales Services

Our equipment is delivered with an 18-month warranty, and we guarantee a professional high quality after-sales service. We can also come out to perform a technical training if desired, or to provide professional advices.

In case an issue occurs, a repairing team will intervene as soon as possible, in order to examine the equipment. If the cause of the problem is not due to a poor maintenance, and if it is not possible to fix the equipment, then your machine will be replaced quickly.

In other words, we guarantee the following actions in the unlikely case of a failure of our TINAKA machines:

  • The replacement of the installed machine, with no additional costs to you.
  • The replacement at our costs of any piece that need to be replaced.
  • The quick intervention of a technician so that you are not penalised.
  • The loan of a replacement machine while waiting the problems to be resolved.