What are the risks from a TINAKA by Melt treatment?

Dr S.: Our non-invasive equipment is totally safe, because we use different energies so that they can work together. We are able to use not too high frequencies, which does not lead to the risks of having side effects. We only have to be careful with the small amount of existing contraindications: pregnancies, breast-feeding women, people who have a cardiac pacemaker...

Is it possible to obtain a ‘lifting effect’ with the TINAKA equipment?

Dr S.: Yes, absolutely, the patient loses fat in a very safe and progressive way, and at the same time, there is a ‘lifting effect’ on the treated areas.

In terms of results, can you tell us more about them?

Dr S.: We obtain results at the end of each session; however, each patient will have different results depending on the treated area. Each session will bring additional results and will be measured in a gradual manner. It is important to tell the patient that the body needs time to assimilate and to treat the action. The measurement on men are sometimes more impressive than on women.

What do we feel during the TINAKA treatment?

Dr S.: No pain, perhaps just a little sensation of heat, and some of the people feel small tingling that gives the impression that the blood circulation is been activated. So, I would say that it is rather pleasant.

Is a physical examination needed before the first session?

Dr S.: It is always better to make a physical examination of the patient, and to discuss his or her objectives. Taking the measures of the treated area is essential.

What advices should be given after the session?

Dr S.: The patient has to drink a lot of water to improve the drainage, and to make a little of physical activities, at least during the time of sessions. Energy World has developed a guide with dietary advices to accompany the patient, which will encourage him or her even more.