The cold laser acts directly on the fat cells, modifying their permeability and therefore transforming the fat into a liquid that will be disposed of the body via the natural elimination process (this is the reason why we recommend drinking a lot of water after each session).

More precisely :The cold laser beams of 650nm wavelength are released in the adipose tissue of the hypodermis, modifying the permeability of the adipocytes’ lining, and allowing the intracellular fat to be set free. This does not affect the neighbouring structures, like the skin, the blood vessels, and the nerves.So, the Triglycerides are transformed into their digestible state (water, glycerol, fatty acid…) in order to escape from the fat cells and to be transported by the lymphatic channels, metabolized by the liver, and finally eliminated by natural means for one part and consumed by the body for the other part – to be used by the organism as a source of energy.

The action is lasting and the removed fat deposit will not be reformed, if the patient watches his or her diet. The fat eliminated by our cold laser actually continues to be evacuated through natural means during the 2 to 3 days following the session. Hence, it is important to take measurements again, after a few days, as well as before each session.

TINAKA is the most recent device; the most comfortable, secure, and efficient machine designed for volume loss on localized areas. Totally in tune with the current trends, it is classified “2B equipment certified to the EU standards and to the EC legislation. With this equipment, at the forefront of technology, the patients will finally be able to realize the dream of their lives: RESHAPE THEIR BODIES AND REDUCE THEIR COMPLEXES IN RECORD TIME.

TINAKA is a 100% efficient, safe, and painless method to eliminate all areas of localized fat (stomach, love handle, thighs, buttocks, arms, calves...etc.) or cellulite. The results delivered by our machine have the advantage to be able to treat some areas that are difficult to reach with an aesthetic surgery.