Experts’ Assessments

The journalist, Martin Dunbar, 43 years old from London, has tested this “miraculous” treatment for herself.

She says: “I could fit in a size 34 for trousers, but because of my waist size at the level of the navel, I had to take a size 38. I made 6 sessions, where I had plastic boxes attached to my waist during 10 minutes. I felt localised and warm little tingling. When my waist started to reduce after the first session, I was stunned. I now fit into a size 32.”

The Doctor Cyrille Blum, aesthetic doctor with high quality training in body reshaping, offers the treatment TINAKA by MELT in his clinic in London, as the latest “must-have” to fight against cellulite and rebellious curves.

Maître Stéphane Emery, a bailiff in Paris, has recorded the results of a centimetre loss on 2 volunteer patients, who made their first TINAKA session at the KANDAWO Centre in Paris.

“I have observed that the patient Frank has lost 4,5cm around the stomach, after a 20-minute TINAKA session, and the patient Karine has lost 4cm of waist size, also after a 20-minute session.”